A sexy disposable grill? It doesn’t sound possible, but CasusGrill has reinvented the concept of disposable grills. The Danish company is nominated in the Building Markets category at the Danish Design Award as one of four finalists.

The celebration of the difference design can make will become increasingly clear, when the winner of the Building Markets category is announced during the second stage of the Danish Design Award. The purpose of this category is to show that design can contribute to building growth in terms of sales, new markets and increased exports. The award for the Building Markets category is given to a solution that scales or enhances existing products or services or that develops brand-new products or services.

One of the finalists in the category is CasusGrill, which has developed an ingenious, sustainable, disposable grill. Today’s disposable grills are suitable for all sorts of food, from grilled steaks to sticky marshmallows, but the designs and materials for these grills are not very sustainable, and the functionality for most of them is doubtful. The idea behind CasusGrill’s eco-friendly alternative to single-use grills was born nearly ten years ago.

‘We were on an auto camper trip in France in 2009, and we brought traditional aluminium disposable grills. We observed two things during the trip: 1) aluminium grills were all over the surroundings near the fireplaces we visited, and 2) regular disposable grills were not that easy to use and light, and the heat was not evenly distributed by the grills’, says Carsten Nygaard Brøgger, CEO and founder of CasusGrill.

‘There are three aspects of our grill that make it stand out compared to other disposable grills. One thing is sustainability, which is a cornerstone of our company. Secondly, performance. It doesn’t matter if your design looks good if it doesn’t function properly. The third thing is security, such as heat emissions. In fact, you can hold the grill in your hands while it’s fully lit’, says Brøgger.

With three patent applications pending, the company is currently looking for wholesale companies and distributors globally. The CasusGrill has good odds of winning the Building Markets category at the Danish Design Award since it uses less coal; provides better, more evenly distributed heating; and emits around 50% less CO2 than traditional disposable grills.

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