CasusGrill weighs in at just 2.2 pounds and measures about 12 inches by 9 inches so that you can easily carry it on your person or in a backpack. There are no metal components and the grill is 100 percent sustainable, made for only single-use purposes. The company is headquartered in Denmark and strives to be a role model in the market through its green practices and innovation. CasusGrill was created as a redesign of the aluminum disposable grill and an eco-friendly alternative. The product is crafted with cardboard lined with lava stone that retains heat and reduces the risk of burns by keeping the outside of the grill cool. The grill rack itself is made from bamboo and with Oxylite bamboo charcoal briquets and cardboard packaging, it’s easy to burn the entire thing once you’re finished and leave no trash behind. The use of 50 percent less charcoal than traditional grills also lessens the output of CO2 emissions.


CasusGrill isn’t just portable and environmentally friendly — it’s also easy to use. The grill is ready to cook in five minutes and provides for up to an hour of cooking time. The quick-light bamboo charcoal briquets provide for an even and high-temperature heat, which results in a delicious meal. Hamburgers, steak, seafood, or veggies — you can cook anything on the CasusGrill, making for a particularly good tool for BBQs. The CasusGrill features patent-pending technology and is the winner of a 2017 Danish Design Award.

You can purchase the CasusGrill for $13 from various online retailers, including the Grommet.

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