CasusGrill Instant Biodegradable Grill is small, lightweight, neatly packaged, sturdy, and it won’t break the bank or the environment.

CasusGrill Instant Biodegradable Grill is small, sturdy, easy to use, and costs little (if any) more than a bag of charcoal. Forget those flimsy reusable tin foil grills with their bird-wire-like mesh and toxic fumes, this grill — ironically built out of cardboard and repurposed chopsticks — is sturdy and clean as can be.

The CasusGrill is definitely designed with mother nature in mind, and when you’re all done, you can either toss it into the bonfire or find a nice, safe, out-of-the-way grave for it. All you’ll be burying is lava stone, cardboard, and bamboo because even the charcoal itself is made from bamboo.

You’ll get just enough time to cook for about 60-80 minutes, and you can probably still sneak a couple of rounds of s’mores after that, which is just right for a party of four, and at 2.2 pounds, the CasusGrill won’t break your back on your way to the beach. You can read our full review of the grill on Insider Picks.

Popular Mechanics loves the grill and the design, too, and so does Huckberry, where you can buy it for roughly the price of a bag of charcoal, give or take. — Owen Burke

Pros: Affordable, tidy, easy to set up, sturdy, eco-friendly, and an interesting conversation piece.

Cons: Coals only stay hot for 60-80 minutes (though there’s still time to slow-cook something light afterward, especially s’mores).

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