All the information you should know on how to use the CausGrill™ safely

Always use caution when operating with fire

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How to use the CasusGrill™ safely

The environmentally-friendly CasusGrill™ is sustainable and consists of a cardboard packaging, lava stones, bamboo charcoal briquettes, bamboo sticks, which is used for the grills. CasusGrill™ comes from nature and be returned to nature.

WARNING! The CasusGrill™ must always be placed where it is sheltered from the wind.
WARNING! Never at any stage use grill lighter fluid or other flammable fluids to light the grill. The bamboo charcoal briquettes contain an oxidiser Quick Oxylite™ lighting.
WARNING! The CasusGrill™ must not be used indoors or in confined spaces. This is because of the danger of re-ignition and a possible discharge of toxic carbon monoxide.
WARNING! The CasusGrill™ must always be placed with the foot mounted and a safety distance of at least 2 meters (80 inches) to combustible objects, which could be damaged or catch fire due to sparks, heat, etc. Keep your distance and be careful with your eyes.
WARNING! The CasusGrill™ must be placed on a solid, even and non-flammable surface that can withstand high heat or open flames. Do not place the grill on surfaces that can be burned or damaged.
WARNING! The bamboo rack must not be overfilled with food. See the pictures in the instruction manual (right / wrong)!
Keep a distance between the food on the bamboo rack, so that the heat can escape!
RECOMMENDED max. weight of food on the CasusGrill™ is 500 grams (1.1 lbs.) at a time. Grilling food with a HIGH FAT CONTENT may result in flames and the bamboo rack catching fire. This MAY reduce the durability of the grill and the grilling time of 60 minutes.
WARNING! The CasusGrill™ is made from combustible materials, which may burst into flames. ALWAYS keep an eye on the CasusGrill™ and have water handy! If flames appear during use, put out the flames to ensure the durability of the grill!
WARNING! The CasusGrill™ will become very hot, and so will the area below it, even after it has been extinguished. Keep children and pets at a safe distance and do NEVER move the CasusGrill™ during use.
WARNING! When the CasusGrill™ is extinguished with water, hot steam will be formed, which may cause personal injury.
Please be very careful when you do this and use only drinking water.
WARNING! Must be stored in a cool and dry place. If the CasusGrill™ is exposed to moisture, it can and must not be used!
WARNING! Do not touch the bamboo charcoal briquettes or inhale the smoke. If eye contact occurs: Flush eyes with plenty of water. If skin contact occurs: Wash off with soap and plenty of water. If inhalation occurs resulting in feeling unwell: move to fresh air. Get medical attention/advice if pain and irritation persists.

DO NOT start to grill before the bamboo charcoal briquettes have a light COVERING OF ASH.
DO NOT use in prohibited areas.
Avoid refilling with new coal briquettes. The CasusGrill™ is a disposable grill.
Take care not to tilt your CasusGrill™, as the food may get caught in the grill rack.
Fractured charcoal occurs and does not warrant returning the CasusGrill™ as it still can be used fully.
Extinguish the grill with water, sand or earth, and let it cool down before disposing of it.
REMEMBER to dispose of the CasusGrill™ safely and responsibly.
white lava stones are inorganic and neutral products, and there is no risk of them decaying or decomposing. This means, that it can be recycled. There is no need for depositing. The lava stones can also be led back to the nature and even be used as a soil conditioner and 100% clean growing media for plants.

Thank you for buying the CasusGrill™. We can actually make a difference with CasusGrill™ – it’s a better choice for your food and our planet. CasusGrill™ – Choose a better future.

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Care & Disposal

CasusGrill™ is mainly made of organic materials which can be recycled. The corrugated cardboard can be recycled and the lava stones can be compost as a soil conditioner. The bamboo sticks have food trace after use – therefore they cannot be recycled and must be placed in a ordinary trash bin.

When you are done using the CasusGrill™, you must clean up after you. This can easily be done by either putting it in a bonfire (only if allowed) or in a waste bin. The lava stones can be brought back to nature without any harm.


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